Sandra Navarro - Department Chair


Ph.D., Latin American Literature & Film, Emory University
M.A., Latin American Studies & Spanish, University of Alberta
B.A., Latin American Studies (Philosophy minor), University of Alberta


Dr. Navarro's research and teaching focus on Spanish and Latinx literature, film, and culture. Her areas of specialization include childhood studies, film theory, and the intersections between race and gender. She is currently working on a manuscript analyzing the representation of children in contemporary Argentine film.

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Latin American Cultural Studies
Hispanic Film
Latin American Literature
Childhood Studies

Scholarly Works

Book Chapters

Sandra V. Navarro (2024). DE VIENTRAS Y AQUAS: WOMEN AND LANDSCAPE IN EL NIÑO PEZ AND EL VERANO DE LOS PECES VOLADORES . In (Eds.), Crisis y transformaciones: Cinematic Landscape and Emerging Identities in Contemporary Latin American Film : Lexington Books.

Sandra V. Navarro (2020). Espacios inhóspitos: clase, género, y encierro en La nana (2009) de Sebastián Silva.” . In (Eds.), Inusuales: hogar, sexualidad y política en el cine hispano : Iberoamericana Vervuert.

Journal Articles

Sandra V. Navarro (2017 , September ). The Silent Other: The Latino Figure in No Country for Old Men and Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada . Latino Studies ,15 , 309-322.

Courses Taught

Cultures 191 Latin American and Latino Youth Culture
The Child in World Cinema
Cultures 250 Modern Latin America
Cultures 299 Culture and History of Southern Spain
Cultures 390/ Film 312 Youth in Revolt: Young People and Counterculture in Hispanic Cinema
Spanish 101 Beginner's Spanish
Spanish 203 Intermediate Spanish I & II
Spanish 290 Literary and Intellectual Currents in the Spanish-speaking World
Spanish 290 Detective Fictions
Spanish 305 Advanced Conversation I & II
Spanish 306 Latin American Culture on Film
Spanish 390 Hispanic Culture Through the Ages
From Goya to Almodóvar
Cultures of the Southern Cone
ENGL 336 Ethnic American Literature