Yong Wang


Ph.D., Temple University
M.A., University of Maine
B.A., Nankai University, China


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Scholarly Works

Journal Articles

Qin Yang, Yong Wang, and Crystal Jiang, 2020. Local Relational Embeddedness and Subsidiaries’ Innovative Performance. Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management, Vol. 20, Issue 1, 17-35.

Ying Zheng, Yong Wang, and Crystal Jiang, 2019. Corporate Social Responsibility and Likelihood of Financial Distress. Quarterly Review of Business Disciplines, Vol. 6, Issue 3, 219-236.

Yuqi Gu, William Bosworth, and Yong Wang, 2017. Corporate Social Responsibility as Social Capital. International Journal of Business & Applied Sciences, Vol. 5, Issue 2, 16-26.

Wang, Y. and Zhang, X. T. (2014). Production Efficiency of Chinese Banks: A Revisit. Managerial Finance, Vol. 40, Issue 10, 969-986.