Zhaojun Li


PhD, University of Washington

Research Interests

Reliability, quality, and safety engineering in product design
Applied statistics and operations research in manufacturing
Service system modeling prognostics
Health management for complex engineered systems
Systems engineering and its application in new product development
Engineering/operations management

Scholarly Works

Book Chapters

Zhaojun Li and Kailash C. Kapur (2013). Development of Reliability Measures Based on Fuzzy Sets for Systems with Multi and Infinite States . In Ilia B. Frenkel, Alex Karagrigoriou, Anatoly Lisnianski and Andre Kleyner (Eds.), Applied Reliability Engineering and Risk Analysis: Probabilistic Models and Statistical Inference : John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Journal Articles

Madjid Tavana, Zhaojun Li, Mohammadsadegh Mobin, Mohammad Komaki, and Ehsan Teymourian (2016 ). Multi-Objective Control Chart Design Optimization Using NSGA-III and MOPSO Enhanced with DEA and TOPSIS . Expert Systems With Applications ,50 , 17-39.

Zhaojun Li, Yiming Deng, and Christina Mastrangelo (2015 ). Model Selection for Degradation-based Bayesian Reliability Analysis . Journal of Manufacturing Systems , 72-82.

Zhaojun Li, Mohammadsadegh Mobin, and Thomas Keyser (2015 ). Multi-objective and Multi-stage Reliability Growth Planning in Early Product Development Stage . IEEE Transactions on Reliability ,65 , 769-781.

Jian Guo, Zhaojun Li, and Michael Pecht (2015 ). A Bayesian Approach for Li-Ion Battery Capacity Fade Modeling and Cycles to Failure Prognostic . Journal of Power Sources ,281 , 173-184.

Yuhua Cheng, Yiming Deng, Jing Cao, Xin Xiong, Libing Bai, and Zhaojun Li (2013 ). Multi-Wave and Hybrid Imaging Techniques: A New Direction for Nondestructive Testing and Structural Health Monitoring . Sensors ,13 , 16146-16190.

Zhaojun Li and Kailash C. Kapur (2013 ). Some Perspectives to Define and Model Reliability Using Fuzzy Sets . Quality Engineering ,25 , 136-150.

Zhaojun Li and Kailash C. Kapur (2012 ). Continuous-State Reliability Measures Based on Fuzzy Sets . IIE Transactions ,44 , 1033-1044.

Conference Proceedings

Zhaojun Li, Jian Guo, and Ruolin Zhou (2016 ). Prognostics-based Maintenance Scheduling . Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety Symposium , Tucson, AZ

Tongdan Jin and Zhaojun Li (2016 ). Reliability Growth Planning under Integrated Product-Service Environment . Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety Symposium , Tucson, AZ

Jian Guo,Zhaoj un Li, and John Wolf (2016 ). Reliability Centered Preventive Maintenance Optimization for Aircraft Indicators . Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety Symposium , Tucson, AZ