Engineering students

Advising Information

Planning Your Academic Path

  1. Closed Class Permits: (Over Class Capacity Seat Releases) See the Chair of the department in which the course is offered; or see the Assistant Dean.
  2. English: All students must complete two English composition courses (6 credits) with a grade of C or better in both courses.
  3. Mathematics: Mathematical Analysis (MATH 133 & MATH 134) a minimum grade of C is required in MATH 133 to take MATH 134. In addition, a minimum grade of C is required in MATH 134 in order to take sophomore level engineering courses.
  4. Behavioral/Social Science Perspective: Under the Behavioral/Social Science area, students are required to complete 3 credit hours of coursework chosen from among: PSY 101. SO 101, EC 111, EC 117, SW 100, POSC 101 or POSC 102.
  5. Historical Perspective: All students are required to complete 3 credit hours in history.
  6. Cultural Studies Perspective: All students must complete one course in CUL before graduation. The course must contain an aesthetic perspective. Courses that qualify will be designated as a “CA” cultures course. 
  7. Ethical Perspective: All students are required to complete 3 credit hours in philosophy (PH); excluding PH 110 and PH 204.
  8. Repeating Courses: Any student who wishes to repeat a course at the University in which a grade of less than C was earned should complete a form and submit to Enrollment Services.
  9. Independent Study: A student must make arrangements for an independent study prior to registration and complete a form available in the main engineering office. The form must be signed by the faculty member who is directing the study, the faculty member’s department chair, the student's advisor, and by the student.
  10. Internships: A student wanting to take an internship must make arrangements with the Career Center prior to registration. An internship application must be completed and signed by the student, the academic advisor, the department chair, and the internship coordinator. A student may take a total of 3 credits of internship in their junior/senior years.
  11. Design, Technical, General, Sequence, Green, and Engineering Science electives are specified by the appropriate engineering department. Please consult with your department chair. A list of available design, technical, and green electives is provided each semester by the College of Engineering and can be found on KODIAK.