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Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Projects

Career Ready Skills

The senior design projects introduce seniors to real-world applications in the medical device field. Students work with Project Advisors and sponsors from industry, like Medtronic and Bone & Joint Institute of Hartford, to create functional prototypes. Students follow industry-standard design controls and learn how to document their project using FDA regulatory workflows. They undergo verification and validation test methods to prove efficacy of their designs.

As part of the senior design course, students develop career-ready skills that make them exceptional candidates for a competitive job market. WNE biomedical engineers graduate from the program with exceptional technical, presentation, and communication skills.

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Recent Design Projects: 

Optimum Patient Airway Device

  • Allison Coopee, Aimee Dowling, Allie Fabian, Hannah Richard, Lyle Winiarski
  • Project Advisors: Drs. Gettens & Rust
  • Sponsor: OPAD Airway, Inc.

Gastric Model for Robotic Assisted Surgery

  • Adam Alenckis, Anna Cichon, Anthony Spooner, Julian Klisiewicz
  • Project Advisor: Dr. Gettens
  • Sponsor: Medtronic Inc.

DIY Bioreactor for Tissue Engineering Applications

  • Noah Pare, Avery Gorhan & Sylvia Donohue
  • Project Advisor: Dr. Jaiswal
  • Sponsor: MassVentures

CET Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Bioreactor

  • Mason Kowal, Michael Dahlke, Evan Silva & TJ Cassata
  • Project Advisor: Dr. English
  • Sponsor: Cell-Engineering Technologies

FAST: Foot Ankle Stabilizing Trainer

  • Kaylie Masi, Brandon Kohl, Margaret Gallagher, Niko Karatonis, Matt Dixon & Jimmy
  • Project Advisor: Dr. Kwaczala
  • Sponsor: Bone & Joint Institute

Mechanically Powered Medical Device

  • Mitchell Hall & Sebastian Kierkla
  • Project Advisor: Dr. Rust
  • Sponsor: Medtronic, Inc.

Chewing Assessment Device for Children with Disabilities

  • Nicole Cichon & Bradley Durand
  • Project Advisor: Dr. Kwaczala
  • Sponsor: American International College & Marquette University

Controlled Released Pill for Long-Term Pain Management

  • Aubrey DeCaro, Sara Cunha & Raissa Mulombe
  • Project Advisor: Dr. Jaiswal

Transdermal Patch for Sustained Drug Delivery

  • Matt Eylander & Sarah Unczur
  • Project Advisor: Dr. Jaiswal