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Senior Design Projects

The senior design projects introduce seniors to real-world applications in the medical device field. Students work with Project Advisors and sponsors from industry, like Medtronic and Bone & Joint Institute of Hartford, to create functional prototypes. Students follow industry-standard design controls and learn how to document their project using FDA regulatory workflows. They undergo verification and validation test methods to prove efficacy of their designs. Check out a few of the recent projects:
  • A self-adhering pill design to provide sustained drug release in pediatric cancer patients

  • A handheld device to assess chewing abilities in children with disabilities

  • An inflation device to put patients into the HELP position for intubation

  • Anatomical Model of the Stomach for Robotic Surgery Training

Career-Ready Skills

As part of the senior design course, students develop career-ready skills that make them exceptional candidates for a competitive job market.  WNEU biomedical engineers graduate from the program with exceptional technical, presentation, and communication skills:

Recent Design Project Titles: 


Optimum Patient Airway Device

  • Allison Coopee, Aimee Dowling, Allie Fabian, Hannah Richard, Lyle Winiarski
  • Project Advisors: Drs. Gettens & Rust
  • Sponsor: OPAD Airway, Inc.

Gastric Model for Robotic Assisted Surgery

  • Adam Alenckis, Anna Cichon, Anthony Spooner, Julian Klisiewicz
  • Project Advisor: Dr. Gettens
  • Sponsor: Medtronic Inc.

DIY Bioreactor for Tissue Engineering Applications

  • Noah Pare, Avery Gorhan & Sylvia Donohue
  • Project Advisor: Dr. Jaiswal
  • Sponsor: MassVentures

CET Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Bioreactor

  • Mason Kowal, Michael Dahlke, Evan Silva & TJ Cassata
  • Project Advisor: Dr. English
  • Sponsor: Cell-Engineering Technologies

FAST: Foot Ankle Stabilizing Trainer

  • Kaylie Masi, Brandon Kohl, Margaret Gallagher, Niko Karatonis, Matt Dixon & Jimmy
  • Project Advisor: Dr. Kwaczala
  • Sponsor: Bone & Joint Institute

Mechanically Powered Medical Device

  • Mitchell Hall & Sebastian Kierkla
  • Project Advisor: Dr. Rust
  • Sponsor: Medtronic, Inc.

Chewing Assessment Device for Children with Disabilities

  • Nicole Cichon & Bradley Durand
  • Project Advisor: Dr. Kwaczala
  • Sponsor: American International College & Marquette University

Controlled Released Pill for Long-Term Pain Management

  • Aubrey DeCaro, Sara Cunha & Raissa Mulombe
  • Project Advisor: Dr. Jaiswal

Transdermal Patch for Sustained Drug Delivery

  • Matt Eylander & Sarah Unczur
  • Project Advisor: Dr. Jaiswal