Engineering students

Engineering Entrepreneurship

From Student Concepts to Multimillion-Dollar Companies

Lots of people have great ideas for a new product, service, or app, but Western New England University students have the skills and resources to make them a reality. And many of them don't wait until they graduate to get started!

The College of Engineering helps students develop an entrepreneurial mindset from their very first year when they work on teams to produce a product using smart technology. Throughout their course of study, they have opportunities to participate in exciting competitions such as the Western Mass Innovation Jam, an intensive three-day start up exploration for students.

These ideas are turning into patents, real products, and multimillion-dollar companies like FloDesign, which was started by a former professor, headed by an alum, and staffed by other Western New England engineering and business interns and graduates. Launched with a $10 million investment from Bright Capital, FloDesign Sonics bills itself as “The filter-less filter company for life sciences and industrial applications.” Its mission is to pioneer a revolutionary approach to harnessing the power of acoustics to capture, separate, and manipulate particles or cells in fluid. Such tools present unlimited opportunities to transform the filtration process across multiple industries, including bioprocessing, cell therapy manufacturing, and other life sciences.

Student presenting Autoblanket: A blanket that covers a person automatically, for elderly or disabled unable to adjust a blanket
Shake Whey: an automated shake bar for patrons of gyms and health clubs
Vital Band: a wellness bracelet for elderly that tracks vital signs, issues updates, and alerts for caretakers
Quik-Dispense: automated pill dispenser, designed to help patients increase medication adherence
Thermomma Duck: alerts users if te water temperature is too hot or too cold for children during bath times
Safety Sense: a hearing protection device that allows the user to alert coworkers when it is safe to approach