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State-of-the-art Training Center

The Laboratory for Education and Application Prototypes facility at Western New England University (WNE) is a state-of-the-art optics/photonics training center dedicated to engaging students as well as our local community for workforce development. LEAP@WNE, initially funded by a $2.5M grant from Massachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Initiative (M2I2), adds Western Massachusetts to the established national ecosystem dedicated to global manufacturing leadership in integrated optics/photonics.

Equipment Available

Printing circuit board

Printed Circuit Board Prototyping

The LEAP@WNE features two rapid prototyping printed circuit board (PCB) makers. The first is an LPKF S104 that utilizes subtractive milling to print feature sizes as small as 0.1mm. The second, the Voltera V-One 3D printer, uses silver ink to make conductive traces as small as 0.2mm.

Leap Facility

Integrated Photonics Characterization

LEAP@WNE features six integrated photonics workstations with state-of-the-art characterization tools including 1550mm tunable laser sources, polarization analysis and control, optical spectrum analyzers, optical power meters, superluminescent diode sources, fiber amplifiers, electronic signal generators, network analyzers, oscilloscopes, and mirco-positioning stages.

General optics characterization

General Optics Characterization

LEAP@WNE features free space optical components including HeNe lasers, general purpose optical mirror and lenses, optomechanical mounts and hardware, photodetectors, transimpedance amplifiers, fiber cleaving, and splicing tools.

Leap Facility
Leap Facility
Leap Facility
Leap Facility
Leap@WNE Workstations
Leap@WNE Workstations

Contact Information

Steve Adamshick

1215 Wilbraham Road

Springfield, MA 01119