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Financial Aid

Get Familiar With Financial Aid

The University offers a program of financial assistance through scholarships, grants, federal work study, and loans. Prospective students must be officially accepted into a degree program at the University before their applications for financial assistance will be considered. Undergraduate students must be enrolled for at least 6 credits for each semester in order to receive aid (except for the Pell Grant, which may be received with only 3 credits as long as the student meets eligibility requirements). Graduate and professional practice doctoral students in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the School of Law must be enrolled in at least 6 credits per term to be eligible for financial aid. Graduate students in Arts and Sciences, Business, and Engineering must have final acceptance into a degree program and be enrolled in at least 3 credits per term to be eligible for financial aid.

Know Your Financial Aid Counselor

Undergraduate Students
Student's Last Name Financial Aid Counselors Email
A Rosemary Letendre
B-CROS Karen McCarty
CROT-GOO Danielle Sullivan
GOP-LE Lucy Brunelle
LF-O Julie Baker
P-SHE Carolyn Bailey
SHF-Z Colleen Hathaway

All Graduate/Professional Students: Masters, PhD, Law, PharmD, and OTD
Lynn Santos

Director of Financial Aid
Kathleen Chambers

Applying for Federal Aid

Students applying for any federal, institutional, or state aid must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for processing after October 1. You should complete and submit the FAFSA online. The Title IV code for Western New England University is 002226. 

NOTE: There is no additional institutional financial aid application.

Don't Forget to Re-apply Each Year

All students must re-apply for financial aid each year. The FAFSA for returning students is due by May 1. Please note that additional information may be required after an initial review of your FAFSA. Receiving aid in any year does not guarantee aid in subsequent years. Effort is made to renew each student's financial aid, but aid in subsequent years could be influenced by changes in a family's financial circumstances, poor academic performance, the availability of state or federal funds, and applying on time. Late applicants may be considered for financial aid if sufficient funds are available.

PLEASE NOTE: Western New England University Grants and Scholarships are funded in part by generous gifts from Western New England donors. Student recipients are matched based upon donor specified criteria and once identified, your Western New England University grants or scholarship will have a portion of that financial aid renamed according to the proportion that was funded by the specific donor. Renamed financial aid is not extra money in the grant or scholarship, they are renamed in honor of the individual(s) who has committed to investing in your success here at Western New England University. We greatly appreciate those who have come before us, and in appreciation of their gift, recipients of endowed funds may be required to compose a letter of thanks and create a profile that highlights your experiences on campus. You may also be asked to attend an event where you may network with fellow recipients and donors.

Options For Alternative Financing

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