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Enrollment Services

The Enrollment Services office combines the traditional offices of financial aid and bursar in one convenient location. The office is located in the Lower Level of D'Amour Library. Your account is assigned, by the student's last name, to a Financial Aid Counselor.


On-Campus Bank

The bank is located in the Enrollment Services office in the Lower Level of D'Amour Library. It is open Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The on-campus bank cannot establish deposit/checking accounts for students. There are local bank representatives on campus at the start of the school year for that purpose.

Making Payments

Payments for any charges to the student account can be made at the bank. To mail payments, send to:

Western New England University
Student Accounts
1215 Wilbraham Road
Springfield MA 01119-2684

Online Payments

Please visit Connect2U to learn more about making online payments.

Check Cashing

Students may cash personal checks, up to a maximum of $75 per day. The bank also disburses and cashes workstudy payroll checks in any amount.

Food Points

Students may purchase and charge food points to the student account. Enrollment in a meal plan is done through Residence Life in person, or by calling 413-782-1317.

Financial Aid Refunds

Refunds of excess financial aid and/or private loans are disbursed via checks at the on-campus bank. As a general matter, providing that all financial aid elements are in place, Enrollment Services will be able to generate refunds (of loan funds in excess of tuition and fees) for FALL loans for pick-up 5-7 business days after loans are disbursed. The Fall disbursements are held at Enrollment Services for pickup, since many local addresses are not established with sufficient certitude. Spring refunds will be ready during the first week of classes of the Spring semester. The Spring semester disbursements will be held for two weeks after classes begin, at which time they will be mailed to local addresses. 

For students who have private loans and all financial aid elements in place, we can generate refunds upon request after the private loan is disbursed. For refunds in advance of federal funds and WNE scholarship disbursements, we refund the smaller of the private borrowing, or the total expected semester credit balance.

Refunds due to University administered aid disbursements and federal funds will be generated automatically by the seventh business day after classes commence and held for pickup at the Enrollment Services Bank for two weeks, then mailed. To request a refund at other times, call an Enrollment Services Coordinator at 413 796-2080. Federal regulations require refunding, within 14 days, any credit balance due from Federal (Title IV) disbursements greater than the mandatory charges on the student's account, unless the student requests the credit remain on the account.

Local ATM

The closest bank owned ATM is a Bank of America machine across the street from the Welcome Center in the mini-mall parking lot.