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All applicants are automatically considered for the Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. and Merit Scholarships as part of the admissions process. 

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Scholarships: The Holmes Scholars Program is a full-tuition scholarship program designed for students who have demonstrated academic excellence. These are students who typically score in the top twenty-five percent of the LSAT nationally and finish near the top of their undergraduate classes. This scholarship will automatically renew each year provided that the recipient remains in good academic standing.  

Merit Scholarships: Merit scholarships are partial tuition scholarships awarded to students whose academic accomplishments promise strong performance at law school and in legal practice. The main factors considered in determining the scholarship award are undergraduate GPA and LSAT score. These scholarships are renewed automatically each year to all recipients in good standing. Full-time recipients are eligible for their awards for three years and part-time recipients are eligible for four years.

Public Interest Scholars Program: Each year, a small group of applicants will be selected to participate in the Public Interest Scholars program and awarded a scholarship of up to $10,000. The program offers mentorship in the public interest space, as well as exclusive professional development opportunities. Scholars learn about public interest law via elective courses and speaker engagements at the Law School and put their knowledge into action through pro bono projects. Scholars will also receive a one-time summer stipend for an approved public interest internship. Applicants may apply for the Public Interest Scholars program via the WNE Law application available through Applications for the Public Interest Scholars Program must be received by March 15. Scholars will be notified of their acceptance to the program and scholarship award by April 1.

External Scholarships: There are numerous scholarships available from outside organizations. Please see the link below for a listing of over 800 external scholarship opportunities.

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