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What Is The Mini Law School

Mini-Law School offers non-lawyers an understanding of legal topics that impact their everyday lives. Each class is taught by Western New England University School of Law faculty. The Honorable Kenneth Neiman (ret.) has served as moderator for all Mini-Law School sessions. Founded in 2015 by Associate Deans Pat Newcombe and Beth Cohen, the current Mini-Law School Program is directed by Beth D. Cohen, Professor of Law, and Nicole Belbin, Associate Dean for Library and Information Resources. 

Tuesday, 3/26/24Connections between Fundamental Rights and Democratic Values of Pluralism and Citizenship, with Professor Jennifer Levi. Professor Levi will explore case studies of bans on medical care for transgender adolescents and laws recognizing “fetal personhood” as a framework for unpacking core principles of Constitutional Law. The discussion in this session of mini-law school will be wide-ranging and touch on legal doctrines including equal protection and due process as well as hot contemporary topics including restrictions on medical care, access to abortion and reproductive technologies, and criminalization of marginalized families.

Tuesday, 4/02/24Digital Literacy: Avoiding Misinformation through Accurate or Reliable Research, with Associate Dean for Library and Information Resources, Nicole Belbin. In an era of misinformation, especially during an election year, it is crucial for individuals to make informed decisions based on reliable data and diverse perspectives. This session will familiarize participants with the tools and strategies to identify credible sources and evaluate information for reliability and bias, enabling people to make informed decisions. 

Tuesday, 4/09/24Labor Rights, Gig Work, & Employee Voice - Contemporary Issues in the Law of the Workplace, with Professor Harris Freeman. This session will explore labor rights and the challenges of defining and regulating employee rights, activities, and speech in varied and contemporary work environments.

The program is free and open to the public. Registration is required at: Spring 2024 Registration.