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Published: August 29, 2017 | Categories: Alumni

The Class of 2021 by the Numbers


At Convocation on August 25, the University welcomed all first-year and transfer students, as well as international students. Also welcomed were members of the sophomore class who were inducted into the Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society. Here are some statistics to help you get an overview of the Class of 2021:

• They were from an applicant pool of 7,033 students (the largest in the history of the University).

• They number about 890 first-year and transfer students from 425 high schools.

• 49% are from Massachusetts, 25% are from Connecticut, and 11% are from New York.

• They reside in 17 states or are from 12 foreign countries

• 26% of our new students list themselves as African American, American Indian, Hispanic, Asian, or multiracial; or are international students.

• 248 of them as freshmen have completed college courses while still in high school or have college credits through Advancement Placement courses.

• 147 of them were members of the National Honor Society (a record-breaking number)

• 240 students served as captains of their athletic teams (another record-breaking number)

• 39 of them have a parent who graduated from Western New England.

• Among the Class of 2021 are black belts in the martial arts, an equestrian grand champion, a member of a professional rock climbing team, a moto-cross racer, a student who was named one of Long Island’s top 100 football players, a former member of the Junior PGA, and one brave student who participated in an actual NASCAR race. 

• Also among the incoming class are successful entrepreneurs, including a student who started his own snow removal company called the “Blizzard Brothers,” a student who started her own pet sitting business known as “Creature Care,” a student who created a virtual company called “Sebby’s Sports Store,” a student who received a national award for her company, “Boothes Sweet Tooth,” and another student who started the company “Peter’s Porkers and Beef Butchering Company”—all organic.

Read President Anthony S. Caprio’s Convocation Address for more on the incoming class.