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Published: September 27, 2017 | Categories: Alumni

Q & A with Brandon O’Brien '15/G'16, #WNEGIVES Ambassador


Savvy alumni are flocking to the University’s most flexible and convenient volunteer opportunity: #WNEGIVES Ambassador! In under one hour per week, Ambassadors will use social media to help share the excitement of #WNEGIVES, the University’s second annual two-day giving event November 30-December 1. Learn how Brandon O’Brien '15/G'16 decided to become a #WNEGIVES Ambassador.


Can you tell me about your Western New England University experience?

I was an accounting and finance dual major. I worked at the Student Phonathon as a student supervisor for four years, and I also worked in the College of Business in the Dean's Office directly with Kara Kapinos. Additionally, I was a First Year Seminar assistant on campus, and I also studied abroad my sophomore year in London. 

What is your life like now and how do you stay connected to the University?

I work at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Hartford, CT.  I interned with them in the spring semester of my junior year and from that was offered a full-time position once I finished my master’s degree. I started last August, and I have been with them for a year now. I stay connected to WNE by going back to campus as often as I can. I have been coming back with PwC to recruit current accounting students for the last several years, doing interviews, information sessions and Meet the Firms Night.

What about the #WNEGIVES Ambassador program appealed to you? 

This program appealed to me because I have such great memories and a strong connection with WNE that I wanted to share my story and help to make the University even better for future students.  

How did your experience as a student caller help prepare you for this role?

My experience as a student caller and student supervisor at the Phonathon helped me with this role because it showed me the generosity of so many of our alumni and how much pride our alumni have for our great University. Being able to hear so many stories from a wide variety of alumni was a great experience.

Why should alumni sign up to be #WNEGIVES Ambassadors and participate in be #WNEGIVES?

Alumni should sign up to be an ambassador or participate in #WNEGIVES because every dollar helps—you don’t need to be a top donor to make a difference in a student's life. Everyone should consider giving what they can, whether that be $5.00 or $500 or whatever else they are able to give. 

If you have as much of a connection and great memories of WNE as I do, please consider giving or be an ambassador and spread the message.

We are looking for 100 #WNEGIVES Ambassadors to help spread the message during #WNEGIVES! Ambassadors will have access to state-of-the-art technology to help spread the message to their own social networks. Active Ambassadors will be eligible for fun prizes and incentives offered through the program. To sign up or learn more about the #WNEGIVES Ambassador program, email