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By: Brian Fitzgerald | Published: October 17, 2017 | Categories: Alumni

Engineering Mentoring Program’s Kick-off Dinner a Success


The 16th annual Engineering Mentoring Program Kick-off Dinner on October 5, which was sponsored by the Alumni Association, brought together 43 alumni and 182 students at Rivers Memorial Hall, giving engineering majors an opportunity to interact with practicing engineers and to better understand not only the engineering field, but also what to expect in their studies over the next four years.

The Engineering Mentoring Program is a component of the First Year Engineering Program, in which freshmen begin to learn the concepts of engineering, and are exposed to the discipline’s various branches. The mentors provide insight into how engineering concepts apply in the real world, and what to expect following graduation.

Mentors also benefit from the program by having the opportunity to find out what’s happening at the College of Engineering and reconnect with the University, as well as network with fellow engineering alumni.

Contact Assistant Dean Richard Grabiec at or 413-782-1271 to learn more about becoming a mentor.