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Published: March 01, 2018 | Categories: Alumni

RR and Company Sources Top Talent at Western New England University

Pictured (L-R): Jordan Healy '08, Frank Colandro '18, Marc Murphy '04, Danielle Langevin '04/G'08, Adam Beer '09, and Roger Roberge '04.


RR and Company, a real estate company based in Springfield, Massachusetts, is overflowing with Western New England alumni.

Headquartered in a renovated historic fire house and led by Roger Roberge ’04, the company employs 37 people – of which 20 percent are WNE alumni. RR & Co. has intentionally sought out WNE alumni as new opportunities became available within the company. Roberge was introduced to Marc Murphy ’08 by his mentor, Dr. Marilyn Pelosi (then Associate Dean of the College of Business). Later, Murphy recruited Jordan Healy ’08, who he knew from his time on campus. When another opportunity became available, Danielle Langevin ’04/MBA ’08 was recruited. And as the company expanded to include construction, a partnership was launched with Adam Beer ’09 of D&D Masonry.

In addition to seeking out WNE alumni for staff positions, for several years, RR and Co. has been offering internships to WNE students. Each intern’s experience is custom tailored to their personal career goals, allowing students to gain real-world experience that prepares them for success.

Frank Colandro ’18, who is interning with RR and Co. this year, has always had an interest in real estate. He knew that an internship would give him the hands-on experience he needed to succeed in the field after graduation this May. Frank chose RR and Co. not just because of their expertise in several aspects of real estate but also because of the alumni connections. “They know my experience and that helps me connect with them on a deeper level. They were in my shoes not too long ago, and I get to learn how they got where they are today.”

At RR and Co., interns aren’t fetching coffee or making copies. Instead Frank works alongside Marc Murphy and experiences the daily ins and outs of real estate: getting checks from the bank for a real estate auction, showing a house, and participating in staff meetings with other members of the team.   

Students today need more than just strong GPAs and extra-curricular accomplishments to impress recruiters and hiring managers. Internships like those hosted by RR and Co. help students develop skills and confidence that make them more competitive candidates and more likely to succeed in their first jobs after graduation. And the relationships formed while working under the supervision of WNE alumni will last well beyond the end of the semester. 

Jeffrey Fellion ’16, a former RR intern who now works in sales in the Boston area, attributes his current success to the experiences he had as an intern. Reflecting on his experience, Fellion noted that he valued not just the opportunity to gain experience in business development and relationship management, but also the support he received from the alumni who mentored him. “They were always encouraging towards any opportunities I had, and gave me space when academic and other responsibilities needed attention.”

The team at RR and Co. recruit from Western New England University because they know they’re getting talented, driven students. But they also enjoy adding value back to the University community by pulling students in to the alumni network, making the opportunities available for those aspiring to enter the field.

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