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College of Arts and Sciences Welcomes Students into Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society

Published: November 01, 2018 | Categories: Arts and Sciences
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The Western New England University Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta welcomed 191 new members at the annual induction ceremony held on October 19 in Rivers Memorial Hall. Eighty-eight students from the College of Arts and Sciences were inducted. The mission of the Society is to encourage superior academic achievement, to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning, and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals in society.

Alpha Lambda Delta recognizes the best and brightest members of the nation's first-year college students. Students in Alpha Lambda Delta must have a grade point average of at least 3.5 after their first semester of full-time enrollment.

University President Anthony S. Caprio and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Saeed Ghahramani awarded the certificates after inductees recited the Alpha Lambda Delta pledge:

"I pledge myself to accept membership in Alpha Lambda Delta with the understanding that in doing so I accept the responsibility of maintaining its standards of Service, of Industry and of Integrity. I shall do all in my power to maintain high scholarship throughout my life and to use my education always, for the benefit of the Community, my Nation, and the World in which we live. In this spirit I accept the membership into Alpha Lambda Delta."

Alpha Lambda Delta first-year honor society was founded in 1924 at the University of Illinois and has over 280 chapters in the United States.

The following students were inducted:

Ali Z Al Juboori
Kelsey L. Allen
Kamden L. Benjamin
Ian J. Bennett
Kevin F. Besko
Ashley B. Bomireto
Haley M. Brooks
Jordan J. Brown-Rose
Nicole E. Bryant
Nicholas M. Butera
Mia J. Cariglia
Kaitlyn M. Cazares
Victoria L. Cestodio
Jack E. Chamberland
Emily R. Cofsky
Danielle M. Conlon
Emily R. Cronin
Rayna L. DeChance
Lara C. DePaoli
Alexandra Desrochers
William W. DeVinney
Samantha J. Dinnie
Shaylah D. Dorman
Samuel W. Draper
Brandon Asika S C Mbanugo Etuka
Allison J. Farney
Johnna A. Farnham
Julianne R. Feher
Kaitlyn M. Feyre
Toni N. Fiore
Jennifer S. Fisher
Jacob T. Fulmer
Amanda R. Gardell
Anna J. Gauthier
Jacob H Glass
Amber E. Godin
Kassidy T. Gordon
Ashley K. Granger
Victoria A. Hamilton
Randall Hentz
Nathaniel C. Hodgdon
Kyle L. Hooper
Kayla E. Hopkins
Cassidy F. Howe
Ashley J. Hudson
Oguzhan Ibic
Kevin T. Izzio
Brian E. Johnson
Lyubov Kodreanu
David J. Kondratiouk
Maurice A. Krasner
Caitlyn J. Kunz
Maylene Q. LaPress
Steven J. Lariviere
Emma F. Laughlin
Brady M. Le
Anthony E. Lozier
Arzu A. Mamedova
Kaitlyn M. Marchant
Alicia M. Marsh
Mark A. Meade
Gilbert J. Michaud
Kelsi R. Mitchell
Carley M. Moniz
Emma M. Myers
Jared P. Newall
Tuan M. Nguyen
Michelle R. Normand
Brendan J. O'Connell
Mary O'Reilly
Felicia M. Robare
Aubrey R. Rumbolt
Czarina Feliz S. Sabitsana
Emily E. Scurka
Sadie A. Shaw
Danielle E. Skates
Kayla E. Snider
Christina M. Sordi
Jessica E. Spinetti
Brandon T. Stater
Katelyn T. Storey
Steve K. To
Marilyn Tran
Marissa N. Verro
Caleb R. White
Brianna T. Wray
Sienna E. Wurl
Michelle E. Zawalski