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A Mark of Distinction: Western New England University Students Welcomed into Honors Program

Published: January 04, 2023 | Categories: Arts and Sciences, All News
Honor students group on University Commons

Dr. Robert Johnson welcomes over 70 students to the Western New England University Honors Program at the 23rd Annual Honors First Year Presidential Reception held on October 25, 2022 on the roof deck of the University Commons.

The Honors Program at Western New England University is open to students invited by their respective Colleges. It is intended to give academically qualified and motivated students the opportunity to join a community and participate in challenging courses taught by some of the University's most challenging faculty. The Program allows students to broaden their education by taking courses in a variety of disciplines with Honors students from other majors, and by exploring topics that cross disciplinary boundaries. Students will also take an active part in leadership activities related to Honors.

The reception began with President Johnson thanking the inductees for their willingness to take on challenges, "for not just choosing Western New England University but for choosing to be academic leaders." He thanked them for making WNE a special place.

Associate Provost Lisa Celovsky attended the ceremony and reminded the group that an Honors Program "is about finding new paths, and about asking for help when those paths seem blocked." College of Arts and Sciences Dean Marcus Davis added that "The Honors Program is a part of how each student should seek to add value to their own futures, and to create their own unique, personal brand."

Sophomores Amanda Madison of Lords Valley, PA and Jamalis Melendez of Rochester, NY were awarded the Charles Fish Prize for excellence in the first year of the Honors Program. The award is not just given for academic excellence, but for service to the Honors Program community. Both students expressed their appreciation for the award and for being able to contribute to a strong community of students.

"The Honors Program fosters such a strong community of students," said Amanda who is majoring in Creative Writing. "I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute."

"I am both pleased and thankful that my hard work is being recognized and acknowledged," said Jamalis who is majoring in History.

"The Honors Distinction on your academic record is an ideal way to show graduate schools and potential employers that you are a person who takes the extra step to learn and to excel," said Director of the Honors Program Dr. John Baick. "You will be regarded as a motivated individual who sought and accomplished a long-term challenge, and who graduated with distinction."

To learn more about the Honors Program visit The Honors and Global Scholars program.