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Western New England University and Berkshire Community College Sign Joint Admissions Agreement

MONDAY, MAY 15, 2023 - 12:00 AM All News

Berkshire Community College (BCC) signed an articulation agreement with Western New England University (WNE) in Springfield, Massachusetts, on Monday, May 8, allowing BCC students to transfer seamlessly to WNE.

Representatives from the two colleges gathered at BCC's Berkshire Science Commons, where BCC's Vice President of Academic Affairs Laurie Gordy and WNE Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs Maria Toyoda formally signed the agreement.

The Joint Admissions Program, which is consistent with the individual missions, policies and regulations of each institution, seeks to:
  • Strengthen the academic and student support partnerships between BCC and WNE
  • Facilitate student access to baccalaureate and graduate education
  • Provide barrier-free movement for students enrolled in an associate degree program at BCC to the baccalaureate graduate degrees at WNE.

"We are thrilled to partner with Berkshire Community College to provide a steppingstone for students looking to continue their education at WNE," said Toyoda. "The signing of this document exemplifies WNE's dedication to our community and meeting students where they are. We recognize that pathways to education is ever evolving, and we are proud to meet students where they are and welcome them to our institution."

"The articulation agreement with Western New England is particularly exciting for BCC because of the excellent quality of education at WNE, and because of the geographical proximity of the two schools," said Gordy. "We're pleased that our BCC graduates will have another option to continue their education in the Commonwealth, and we're proud to be able to make the transition easy and accessible for our students."

Students will be informed about the opportunity to participate in the Joint Admissions Program at the time they are applying to BCC. In order to satisfy the conditions of admissions into WNE, participating students must earn a minimum 2.50 cumulative grade point average (based on a 4.00 scale), earn at least a grade of a C- or better in their major coursework and earn their associate degree. Students seeking joint admissions into specialized programs such as business, engineering, computer science, chemistry or biology must satisfy all program requirements and earn the minimum cumulative grade point average established for those programs.

Students who satisfy the requirements of the Joint Admissions Program are eligible for the following benefits:
  • Guaranteed acceptance to WNE, provided they complete an approved associate degree program at BCC and meet the requirements of the Joint Admissions Program and major-specific requirements
  • Guarantee of junior status at WNE upon matriculation with an associate degree
  • Guarantee of 60 transfer credits, with some stipulations.