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WNE Student David Melanson Achieves Exceptional Success in TTM Technologies' Internship Program

Published: March 13, 2024 | Categories: Engineering, All News
David Melanson in the Engineering lab.

Western New England University (WNE) is proud to celebrate the remarkable achievements of one of its outstanding Computer and Electrical Engineering (CPE) students, David Melanson, who recently completed an internship at TTM Technologies. His exceptional performance has not only earned him accolades but has also led to the creation of a brand-new job opportunity within the company.

A rising senior in the CPE program at WNE, Melanson spent the summer at TTM Technologies taking on two challenging projects. His dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence made him a standout candidate during his time at TTM Technologies. His accomplishments have not only transformed the way electrical testing coverage reports and RF testing are conducted but have also reshaped the future of his career.

RF Test Engineer for TTM Industries Connor Paine, who supervised Melanson during his internship, expressed his enthusiasm about Melanson's accomplishments, saying, "David changed the game for how electrical testing coverage reports and RF testing is done in Stafford Springs. On top of that, our team has decided to create a brand-new job title and job description to offer him as a computer engineer to stay aboard at Stafford Springs after the completion of his degree later this year."

Melanson's potential to shape the future of the field has not gone unnoticed, as his accomplishments have caught the eye of industry professionals at TTM Technologies. The company's decision to create a specialized role for David demonstrates the real-world impact of WNE's CPE program.

Reflecting on the success of David and the close partnership between WNE and TTM Technologies, Paine stated, "Western New England University, especially the EE/CPE program, proves to be a shining university amongst the big-name universities that surround it. Our management team couldn't be more grateful that David was a part of our team for the last 12 weeks."

This remarkable achievement highlights WNE's commitment to providing its students with opportunities for hands-on learning and professional growth. As a result, the university continues to produce exceptional graduates who excel in their chosen fields and make a significant impact on the industries they enter.