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College of Arts and Sciences Showcases Faculty-Student Collaboration at Eastern Psychological Association Annual Meeting

Published: April 02, 2024 | Categories: All News, Faculty, Arts and Sciences
Student team posing with faculty member in front of their presentation.

(L to R) Jason Beaulieu, Daniela Martinez, Dr. Deana Vitrano, Colleen Malley, and Fabiana Mesia unveil insights into ADHD and creativity.

Western New England University's College of Arts and Sciences continues to demonstrate its commitment to fostering impactful faculty-student research collaborations. Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Deana Vitrano led a delegation of undergraduate students, Jason Beaulieu, Colleen Malley, Daniela Martinez, and Fabiana Mesia, to the prestigious Eastern Psychological Association annual meeting held in Philadelphia on March 1.

The team presented two projects that underscored the intersection of psychology and creativity. The first project, titled "The Association between ADHD and Creative Achievements," delved into the intriguing relationship between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and creative accomplishments. The second project, titled "The Effect of ADHD Symptoms on Divergent and Convergent Thinking," explored the nuanced impact of ADHD symptoms on various facets of cognitive processing.

Both presentations captivated the audience, earning commendation and recognition for their scholarly rigor and innovative insights. Dr. Vitrano and her team's exemplary work not only contributes to the advancement of psychological research but also exemplifies the transformative educational experiences available at Western New England University.

Dr. Vitrano expressed her pride in the students' dedication and the collaborative spirit that defined their research endeavors. "Our presentations at the Eastern Psychological Association annual meeting highlight the invaluable contributions of faculty-student partnerships in pushing the boundaries of knowledge," remarked Dr. Vitrano. "These projects represent the culmination of rigorous inquiry and illustrate the profound impact of mentorship and hands-on learning opportunities at Western New England University."

The enthusiastic reception of both projects serves as a testament to the caliber of scholarship and academic excellence fostered within the College of Arts and Sciences. Western New England University remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering students to engage in meaningful research that not only enriches their educational journey but also contributes to the broader scientific community.