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Western New England University Names Orientation Group Leaders for 2024 SOAR Program

Published: June 07, 2024 | Categories: All News
The new 2024 Orientation Group Leaders are posing with the Golden Bear statue.

Western New England University is proud to announce the selection of seventeen outstanding students who will serve as Orientation Group Leaders for the 2024 Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR) program. These student leaders will play a vital role in guiding incoming students and their families as they transition into the Western New England University community.

The Orientation Group Leaders, known as OGLs, have been chosen based on their consistent demonstration of solid citizenship and active involvement within the Western New England community. Their selection was influenced by their exceptional communication skills, leadership qualities, and ability to foster strong relationships with students and families alike.

The SOAR program at Western New England University serves as a cornerstone for academic readiness and the successful integration of new students into the university community. OGLs will provide essential support and guidance to entering students and parents, ensuring they receive the necessary information and structure for a smooth adjustment to the university environment.

The 2024 Summer Orientation and Registration group leaders include:

  1. Autumn Bissonnette
  2. Blanca Amaya
  3. Camden Kaufmann
  4. Caylen Hunt
  5. Charisma Newmark,
  6. Colton Santarelli
  7. Ellen Butler
  8. Emily Day
  9. Jessica Brown
  10. Kendall Branchaud
  11. Kris Brown
  12. Linda Holeman
  13. Maahi Amit Shah
  14. Marisabel Isaac
  15. Matt Sweet,
  16. Mikayla Souza
  17. Naressa Kempadoo