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Master of Science in Medical Sciences

Advancing medical research, impacting the healthcare landscape

The field of medical science has seen a renewed focus on global health in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and opportunities abound for those engaged in research and development. With an MS in Medical Sciences from Western New England University, you'll be ready to make the most of these emerging opportunities through a well-rounded program that aligns with your personal career goals.

Why Choose the Master of Science in Medical Sciences?

For foreign graduates from medical and health professions schools outside the U.S., the MS in Medical Sciences program at Western New England University represents a unique and valuable opportunity. This program serves as a bridge, connecting international educational experiences with the demands and opportunities of the U.S. health sector. It offers a platform to align your previous training with the advanced research methodologies and healthcare practices prevalent in the U.S. 

Whether you aim to enhance your academic credentials for entry into dental, medical, nursing, pharmacy, veterinary, or other professional health programs, or if you aspire to clinical work, research positions, or public health or administrative careers, our program provides an avenue to enhance your skills, deepen your understanding of medical sciences, and adapt to the diverse healthcare environments in the U.S. The interdisciplinary curriculum ensures that you are not only prepared to enter the U.S. medical science workforce but also equipped with a global perspective and skillset that are highly valued in today's interconnected world.

What Will You Study?

The 30-credit MS in Medical Sciences can be completed in as few as two full-time semesters (fall, spring). The curriculum builds on science-related undergraduate study, making it ideal for students holding bachelor's degrees in biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, dental surgery, health sciences, health studies, medical engineering, medicine, medical lab technology, microbiology, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy, physiotherapy, surgery, or veterinary science & animal husbandry. Through coursework taught in the state-of-the-art classrooms and labs of the Center for the Sciences and Pharmacy, you will be well-prepared to pursue advanced education or career paths in a broad range of practices from biomedical research to healthcare administration. As a WNE graduate, you will also possess the skillsets prized by employers: divergent thinking, communication, teamwork, leadership, and an entrepreneurial mindset—essential to careers in discovery and innovation. 

Top Five Reasons to Choose the MS in Medical Sciences

Medical Sciences
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Broad-based Research Opportunities

We have elective course possibilities in immunology, drug design and delivery, genetics and genetic counseling, cosmeceuticals, pharmacokinetics, and more, allowing you to tailor your education to your interests while providing the background knowledge you will need to be successful.

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Individualized Attention

WNE is committed to keeping the cohort for the MSMS small, giving you the opportunity to develop strong relationships with your peers and professors, as well as receive any necessary support along the way.

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Stand Out to the Medical Industry

This program provides outstanding preparation for a broad range of career paths in the medical industry, from public health specialist to clinical research coordinator, medical writer to medical laboratory scientist, and more.

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Mentorship and Cross-disciplinary Research

You’ll have the opportunity for mentorship, collaboration, or advisement not only by College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences faculty, but also professors from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences or Engineering.

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Excellent Preparation for Medical School or PA Programs

This program can provide another valuable credential as a steppingstone for entry into highly competitive programs.