Pharmacy students

Programmatic Requirements

Do You Have The Credentials?

In addition to curricular requirements, students are required to satisfy professional development requirements. These programmatic requirements have been selected by the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences to foster personal and professional growth and development. Learners must create and continuously develop professional electronic portfolios throughout the program, beginning in the first year. These portfolios will be used by learners to document professional experiences (e.g., meetings, activities, assignments), track community service, and reflect upon and assess learning activities and experiences. The learners’ academic advisors will review and assess the portfolios and provide the learner feedback. The portfolio requirements for each academic year must be satisfied in order for learners to progress into the next academic year. 

Community service, citizenship, advocacy, and leadership are signature features of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences’s programs, as evident in its mission and the Core Competencies. Learners are required to complete 20 hours of community service and attend a minimum of two (2) professional meetings (science, healthcare, or pharmacy) per year during PY1-PY4. Learners (PY1-PY3) are also expected to attend Dean’s Seminar which is held at least once each semesterDean’s Seminar provides learners with insight into current pharmacy and health care-related issues through guest presentations.