Pharmacy student

MSPS to PharmD Pathway

Your Road To A Doctorate

Applying through this pathway means you may be able to complete both a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences degree and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in five years!

This pathway does not guarantee admission into the PharmD program; however, students who successfully complete their first semester in the MSPS program can apply to the PharmD program during their second semester. The admissions committee will review applications to the PharmD program after spring MSPS grades (first year completed) are available. 

Step 1: Click here to apply to the MSPS program. 

Step 2: After completion of the first semester in the MSPS program, please reach out to Lori Berg, Director of Admissions at for information and instructions how to apply to the PharmD program.

MSPS to PharmD application requirements:

  • Applicants to the PharmD program must be in good standing in the MSPS program – 3.0 GPA minimum.
  • 2 recommendations are required, including one from a MSPS professor.
  • Personal essay
  • Interview/writing sample must be completed.