PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency, Walgreens

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Purpose & Overview

Walgreens and Western New England University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Program provides postgraduate training to pharmacists so that they achieve their professional goals, become leaders within the profession, provide compassionate care for the members of their community, and contribute to the Walgreens Company’s advancements in health care.

A graduate from the Walgreens and Western New England University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Program would be viewed to possess equivalent experience and skills to pharmacy manager with the Walgreens organization. Upon completion of this program, the resident will have developed the knowledge and skills necessary to advance the practice of pharmacy and become a leader in the profession and within Walgreens.

Mission Statement

The ASHP and APHA PHY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Program Purpose Statement

To build upon the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) education and outcomes to develop community-based pharmacist practitioners with diverse patient care, leadership, and education skills who are eligible to pursue advanced training opportunities including postgraduate year two (PGY2) residencies and professional certifications.

Learning Experiences

The residency program is community-based at Walgreens Pharmacy #10127 and Community, a Walgreens Specialty. Both pharmacies are located in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The goals of this residency are as follows:
  • Manage and improve the medication use process
  • Provide evidence-based, patient-centered care and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to optimize patient care
  • Exercise leadership and practice management skills
  • Provide project management skills
  • Provide medication and practice-related information, education, and/or training
  • Utilize medical informatics

This location offers a variety of innovative clinical pharmacy services for patients who are prescribed complex therapies. This Walgreens has a dedicated space, which is located next to the dispensing pharmacy—offering advanced patient care in a variety of disease states such as hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, heart failure, asthma/COPD, and HIV/AIDS. The resident will gain substantial experience in providing Medication Therapy Management (MTM), health screenings, health/wellness education, and immunizations to a diverse patient population.

The residency is offered in partnership with the Western New England University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. This partnership allows the resident the opportunity to gain experiences in the delivery of clinical pharmacy services in ambulatory care clinics. The resident actively participates in teaching and precepting experiences at the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

The Western New England University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Community Patient Care Center is located on the campus of Western New England University in Springfield. Within the Center, there are two examination rooms, one administrative office, and a large waiting area. Each exam room and office is equipped with a computer and phone. There is a printer/copier/fax machine in the office.  Pharmacy references and all patient charts are housed in the office area. Online access to pharmacy databases, resources, and literature is available through internet access on all computers. 

The Western New England University Community Patient Care Center is a College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences initiative developed to provide one-to-one health care consultation with patients. A number of services are available at the Community Patient Care Center. Some activities include:

  • Developing patient care plan on a one-to-one basis
  • Pharmacist review of medication regimens
  • Wellness programs and plans
  • Weight management consultations
  • Smoking cessation consultations
  • Diabetes education and blood glucose training sessions
  • Blood pressure screenings and home monitoring training sessions
  • Individualized education sessions
  • Immunization consultations

Currently the Center operates two days per week by appointment only. Individual appointments are 30-minute or 60-minutes in length. The Center participates in 2-4 health screenings per year. The resident will be involved in those screenings. 

The resident is required to staff independently one shift per week as a part of their residency requirement.  Every effort will be made to allow for the resident to conduct this shift at their primary practice site. The staffing shift could be evenings or weekends depending on the pharmacy’s need.   


Residency Program Director

Residency Accreditation Status

The Walgreens and Western New England University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Community-Based Residency Program is accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and the American Pharmacist Association (APhA).

Application Information

  • Submission of residency application materials to Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service (PhORCAS) at http://www.ashp.org/PHORCAS
  • Completed on-line application at www.walgreens.jobs
  • On-site interview (upon invitation)
  • Presentation at on-site interview on a topic related to community pharmacy
  • Individuals must participate in and adhere to the rules of the ASHP Resident Matching Program

Licensure Requirements

Unless currently licensed as a Massachusetts pharmacist, the resident must obtain a Massachusetts pharmacy technician license from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) regulation prior to starting the residency program.  Until licensed as a pharmacist in Massachusetts, the resident will be classified as a Graduate Intern.  The resident must be licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy within 60 days of the start of the residency program.

Salary and Benefits

The Community Pharmacy Resident will be paid a salary of $50,000.  The resident will be paid on a bi-weekly basis. 

Enrollment in the Community-Based Pharmacy Residency program may qualify the resident for deferment of student loans.  The resident is advised to consult with one’s lending institution for the guidelines and parameters associated with loan deferment due to postgraduate residency training. 

The information listed in this section is intended for general reference only. Walgreens Human Resources Department should be contacted for complete information and regulations currently in place for employee benefits.

  • Paid time off is accrued based on hours paid. It is a single “bucket” that can be used for vacation, sick needs and personal holidays and gives team members more flexibility and control over their time. 
  • Paid time off may be used after six months of service.
  • Six paid holidays annually.
  • The resident is eligible to participate in Walgreens Medical Plan after 90 days of service.
  • Paid attendance at required meetings (e.g., ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting, APhA Annual Meeting, Eastern States Conference). 

Program Length

The residency is 12 continuous months beginning July 1 and ending June 30.

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