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Do you have an analytical mind? Do you have strong writing and oral communication skills? Do you have an interest in the law? If you can combine these attributes with a strong academic background, you should consider applying to our School of Law through the 3+3 Law Program. In this accelerated program, qualified students can earn the bachelor and juris doctor degrees in just six years instead of seven. Candidates must have a grade point average of 3.3 and score at the 50th percentile on the LSAT (or at the median score for the previous year's matriculants, whichever is higher). Students who qualify will enter law school in the fall of their fourth undergraduate year and will receive their bachelor's degree at its end. They are eligible to obtain their juris doctor degree after two more years of study. Transfer students must successfully complete at least 45 credit hours of undergraduate studies at Western New England University in order to apply for this program.

Why Choose the 3+3 Law Program?

Law impacts virtually every area of modern society. The 3+3 Law program enables you to merge two passions—your primary major and an interest in law. Sport Management students may follow a legal career into being a sports agent. Political Science majors may use law as a stepping stone to holding political office. Accounting majors may find growing opportunities in tax law. The possibilities are virtually endless. Although there is no "pre-law" major, if you want to be a lawyer, good preparation is to develop proficiency in writing and speaking, research, and analysis. Common majors through which you can develop these skills include English, Business, History, Political Science, Economics, Mathematics, and Law and Society.

$163,770 Median Pay (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2022)

What Will You Study?

Your legal education will provide you with a new way of learning and a more critical way of thinking. You will be able to analyze situations more clearly and use that method of analysis in all facets of daily life. You will be trained to serve your community, resolve disputes, and seek justice as an officer of the court. You will be prepared to become a successful practitioner in this noble profession, bringing new hope to the people you assist in your career. With an emphasis on the development of practical lawyering skills, the JD program provides extensive experiential opportunities in legal clinics and externships. The School of Law offers several opportunities for students who wish to concentrate their studies in a specific area of law.

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