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A Thriving Campus Community

With over 70 clubs and organizations to choose from, the challenge is not "will I get involved?” but rather “how do I narrow down the choices?” Involvement opportunities range from off-campus trips sponsored by the Outing Club to the exciting array of video game tournaments sponsored by the gaming club (WARP). Most academic departments have a partnership with a student organization and provide collaborative opportunities between academic and co-curricular life. The Class Councils sponsor campus-wide entertainment that ignites class pride.

Student Activities Expo

The annual Students Activities Expo is good for new students and all students looking to get involved with others on campus. The event showcases each of the clubs that make our community so special.

Seize the Moment!

Dive into a vibrant world of opportunities and new friendships as you unlock the true spirit of campus life through club involvement and activities. Whether you join a cultural club, delve into community service, or immerse yourself in the arts, every step you take brings you closer to an unforgettable college experience—a tapestry woven with memories, connections, and the discovery of your true potential.

Clubs and Organization by Interest Area

Performing Arts

The Arts

Stand in the Spotlight!

From performing to creating, the opportunities to express yourself through the arts are unlimited.

The Arts

Bold Media

Bold Media

Tell Your Story

With clubs spanning the print and broadcast media arenas, Western New England University student media organizations have a lot to offer! Get involved with the radio station, the television studio, the yearbook, the newspaper, and the literary magazine!

Bold Media

BSU Involvement Fair

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

More than Words—Taking Action

At Western New England University and within the Office of Student Involvement and Connections, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are necessary components of the co-curricular experience of our students. With this in mind, we have a number of clubs and organizations dedicated to this fundamental component of our operation as stewards of equality.

DEI Clubs

Honor Societies

Honor Societies

Involvement with Distinction

Students with high academic achievement and co-curricular involvement have the opportunity to be inducted into one or more of our honor societies. These organizations promote academics on campus, perform community service, and become active members of the Western New England community.

Honor Societies

Special Interest Clubs

Special Interest

Grow Your Passions

Special Interest clubs are organizations that enable you to explore your interests and talents outside of your major. Involvement opportunities range from off-campus trips sponsored by the Outing Club to the exciting array of video game tournaments sponsored by the gaming club (WARP).

Special Interest

Student Senate 2024

Student Senate

Voice of the Students

The Student Senate is the official voice of full-time undergraduate students and is comprised of representatives from each class, representatives from each of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, and Engineering, commuter and resident representatives. Additionally, Student Senate is comprised of the Class Council program, the Campus Activities Board, and Spring Event Committee.

Student Senate

Professional and Departmental Clubs

Professional & Departmental

Beyond the Classroom

Professional and departmental clubs and organizations are a great way to apply what students are learning in the classroom to practice.

Professional & Departmental

Cheerleading at Homecoming


Get Moving!

Looking to stay active while getting involved at the same time? Consider joining one of our recreation clubs!

Recreation Clubs

Residence Life Clubs

Residence Life

Build Your Community

If you are passionate about living on campus, consider joining a residence-inspired club or organization! Whether with your specific residence hall or advocating for the holistic residential experience, you have the opportunity to impact the day-to-day lives of our residential student populations!

Residence Life Clubs

Spiritual Life Involvement Fair

Spiritual Life

Live Your Faith

If you are interested in continuing your spiritual involvements when you come to Western New England University, consider joining one of our Spiritual Life clubs!

Spiritual Life

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