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Protecting the Digital Atmosphere

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, our society is constantly under threat of digital fraud, attack, and cyberterrorism. The demand for trained specialists in the field has never been higher, and students in the Cybersecurity program will acquire the skills necessary to analyze, evaluate, and maintain cyber systems in the presence of cyber risks and threats.

Why choose Cybersecurity?

Built on a technical foundation of computing and information technology, this program focuses primarily on defensive and offensive security, incident response, risk management, and forensics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 32% growth between 2022-2032 in the need for information security analysts, and our graduates are marketable not only to jobs in information security but also to careers in software security, system security, critical infrastructure security, and IoT security.

$120,360 Median Pay for Information Security Analysts (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2023)
98% Class of ’22 employed/attending graduate or professional school within 6 months of graduation

What Will You Study?

The Cybersecurity major is designed to provide students with the comprehensive knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to work as a cybersecurity specialist. You will take foundation courses in computing, programming, scripting languages, cryptography, and digital forensics. Your focus of study will involve cybersecurity concepts, critical systems, emerging technologies, and operations. In addition, you will take foundational mathematics and philosophy courses such as Statistics and Ethics of Digital Technologies. You will have the opportunity to apply the principles and concepts of cybersecurity (ethical hacking, digital forensics, malware analysis, etc.) in both physical and virtual environments.

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Unique Learning Opportunities

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Internships and Field Work

Nothing makes a résumé shine like professional experience, and Western New England University's network exceeds 1,000 businesses and organizations. These experiences allow students to apply the skills they've learned in the classroom in a professional setting and take a test drive of their future career. Working side by side with future colleagues gives students valuable insights and answers to questions not found in a textbook.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad: Become a Global Citizen

Today’s workforce needs professionals who see the big picture. The College of Arts and Sciences will help you to become a student of world cultures and histories as they relate to your studies while making valuable contributions in your explorations. Whether you participate in a faculty-led summer seminar course or spend a semester at an international university, the experience will broaden your horizons and help you compete in the global landscape.

Study Abroad

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