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Electrical Engineering

Powering the Future

Do you want to transform the way our world is automated? The modern world increasingly relies on electronics and technology to power and automate our day-to-day lives, and electrical engineers are at the forefront of making this happen. Electrical engineers are in demand in all types of private and public enterprises, and in this program, you’ll obtain the skills to work in critical industries. Whether it is collaborating with students and faculty on research, or designing a new product, you’ll have the opportunity to develop industry advances even before you graduate.

Why Choose Electrical Engineering?

Electrical engineers are at the forefront of the technological revolution. They develop, design, and embed the devices that power our world and add value to today’s products through their expertise in electronics. There are a myriad of emerging trends that touch the consumer in their everyday lives. These technologies are found in the medical field, avionics, robotics, automotive, defense and security, and energy and power. In the communications area, electrical engineering has successfully made the world a whole lot smaller through use of mobile devices, wireless connectivity, and the Internet for global access and entrepreneurship.

$114,050 Median Pay (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2022)
$5 Million+ in recent grant funding

What Will You Study?

The Electrical Engineering major at Western New England University is flexible in adapting to the changing needs of the electrical engineering field. Our project-based curriculum will help you discover your academic interests and provide applied electrical engineering experience in electronic/hardware and systems design. You can tailor your program to your specific interests by selecting technical or design electives in one of our many sequence options—Embedded Systems, RF/Wireless Systems, Artificial Intelligence/Controls, Digital Signal Image Processing, Robotics, and a flexible sequence option that focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation, and business aspects related to electrical engineering.

Unique Learning Opportunities

Electrical Engineering Program

First Year Program

"Design, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking from day one" is the cornerstone of engineering education at Western New England University. Our first-year engineering program teams students up to design, code, and prototype a robot to compete in the Bot Battle at the end of the first semester. In the second semester, data acquisition and processing, ethical standards, communication, and business skills are developed. Student teams design a product to improve lives through the application of smart technology. The prototypes are presented at the Emerging Engineers Expo at the end of the year.

Senior Design Project

Senior Design Project

You'll take what you've learned in the classroom and apply it to solve a real industry problem in a capstone Senior Design Project. You'll research, design, and create a project that advances industry knowledge. Several of our senior projects are sponsored by companies (regional and national) that sponsor and guide you through the completion of your project, which will allow you to leverage the opportunity into a full-time job. Recent examples of Senior Design Projects are an autonomous maze exploration robot, an ultrasonic transducer to measure acoustic pressure, a specialized controller for a robotic arm, and a camera-driven self driving car.

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