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The Mechanical Engineering major at Western New England University is a multifaceted and versatile subject area that affords you the opportunity to explore and learn about materials, solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, kinematics and control, vibrations, and product development and innovation. The stimulating combination of the didactic and applied aspects of our curriculum provides students with the intellectual and vocational tools integral to the design and manufacturing of mechanical systems. You’ll be at the forefront of developing technologies for a diverse array of industries including aerospace, transportation, energy, healthcare, construction, and robotics.

Why Choose Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is the application of science and technology essential to industry, defense, healthcare, the environment, and society. This broad field influences society every day. Mechanical engineering deals with anything that moves, including the human body. Mechanical engineers design and build every aspect of the modern world from automobiles and airplanes, to satellites and robots, and medical equipment, power plants, and communication devices. The possibilities are endless in mechanical engineering.

$100,820 median pay (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2022)
100% Class of ’22 employed/attending graduate or professional school within 6 months of graduation

What Will You Study?

Our program provides a solid theoretical background combined with an extensive hands-on education through design projects in our modern, well-equipped labs. You’ll take a blend of courses that address various areas of industries, such as power, automotive, aerospace, or Mechatronics. In your junior year, you will choose a concentration in General Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics, or you may opt to take the Green Engineering sequence of courses. Over the course of your multidisciplinary studies, you’ll also collaborate with faculty and students in other majors on original research and the development of new technologies.

We also offer programs to accelerate your studies to achieve your personal goals. These programs include:

Students can also choose to further their education after the completion of their bachelor degree in the following programs:

Unique Learning Opportunities

Mechanical Engineering Program

First Year Program

"Design, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking from day one" is the cornerstone of engineering education at Western New England University. Our first-year engineering program teams students up to design, code, and prototype a robot to compete in the Bot Battle at the end of the first semester. In the second semester, data acquisition and processing, ethical standards, communication, and business skills are developed. Student teams design a product to improve lives through the application of smart technology. The prototypes are presented at the Emerging Engineers Expo at the end of the year.

Senior Design Project

Senior Design Projects

You can take what you've learned in the classroom and apply it to solve a real industry problem in an Individual Senior Design Project that caps off your engineering education. You'll research, design, and create a project that advances industry knowledge. Regional companies may sponsor and guide you through the completion of your project, which will allow you to leverage the opportunity into a full-time job. Some examples of Senior Design Projects are the design and fabrication of a laser system, development of a PTSD sleep aid, enhanced water removal from a PEM fuel cell, universal photovoltaic solar farm model, and artificial muscles made up of nitinol wire.

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