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Secondary Education

Igniting Knowledge, Inspiring Minds

Did you have a teacher whose encouragement gave you the confidence to master a challenging subject? Students reach a critical juncture in their educational progression during the middle and high school grades. Teachers also inspire and help students discover the areas of study they wish to pursue in college. The Secondary Teacher Education major prepares you to impact young people’s lives in profound and life-changing ways.

Why Choose Secondary Education?

Become a licensed teacher in four years! Becoming a teacher is a rigorous process, but one that can be achieved at Western New England University in just four years. You will complete an integrated major in Secondary Education and one of the following content majors: Biology, Business, Chemistry, English, History, or Mathematical Sciences. The Secondary Teacher Education program is a state-approved program, accredited through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). After successfully completing coursework, fieldwork, and a full-time teaching practicum, you will be prepared to teach students in grades 8-12 in Massachusetts and have reciprocity to teach in approximately 40 other states via the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) Interstate Contract.

$69,480 median pay (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2022)
98% Class of ’22 employed/attending graduate or professional school within 6 months of graduation

What Will You Study?

The aim of our program is to provide you with strong subject matter knowledge and the professional skills that will help you become an effective secondary school teacher. You will take a mixture of education and content courses. Each major is carefully designed to meet the requirements for Massachusetts licensure and your University course requirements. Required courses include: Introduction to Secondary Education, Teaching English Language Learners, Principles and Problems of Education, Methods of Teaching in Secondary Schools, in addition to hours in local schools. A Secondary Teaching Practicum (student teaching experience) is also required; occurring only in the fall semester of senior year, allowing you the richest opportunity to learn how to set up a classroom, establish a class community, and implement curriculum.

Unique Learning Opportunities

Student Teaching

Student Teaching

In Massachusetts, you are required to complete 75 hours of pre-practicum field study, and a 300-hour practicum (student teaching). Working with students and observing professionals in a secondary school is an excellent opportunity to explore whether teaching is right for you. In the full practicum (student teaching) phase you will spend at least 300 hours practicing all the responsibilities of a secondary school teacher.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad: Become a Global Citizen

Today’s workforce needs professionals who see the big picture. The College of Arts and Sciences will help you to become a student of world cultures and histories as they relate to your studies while making valuable contributions in your explorations. Whether you participate in a faculty-led summer seminar course or spend a semester at an international university, the experience will broaden your horizons and help you compete in the global landscape.

Study Abroad

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