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Graduate Admission Process

Students interested in graduate study must submit an application for admission and provide all required documentation based on their intended program of study. In order to register for a course(s) as a degree-seeking student, you must be accepted to the University. Applicants for most programs can be considered for permission to register for a course(s) while his/her application is pending. Upon receiving permission to register, you can take up to six graduate credits under tentative status. You will be considered tentative status until your application is complete and an official admission decision is issued. Financial aid is not available to students classified as tentative status. If your application is completed, and you are officially accepted into your program, prior to the end of the term, you may be considered for federal and University financial aid at that time. Students granted permission to register as a non-degree student must achieve a minimum of a “B” (3.0) in each course to be eligible for admission. Once admitted to the program, a student must maintain a semester GPA of a “B” (3.0) in coursework completed at Western New England University.

When to Apply for Admission

Western New England University has a "rolling" admissions policy*, not a set admission deadline, which gives you greater flexibility in applying. Admission decisions are typically released within one to two weeks of your application being complete. The University urges prospective students to apply as early as possible in relation to the anticipated start date.

Program Application
Entry Points
Master's Programs for Teachers Rolling Fall, Spring, Summer
Master of Science in
Applied Behavior Analysis
Applications will be reviewed on a
rolling basis after February 1
Master of Science in Computer Science Rolling Fall, Spring
PhD in Behavior Analysis January 15* Fall
Master of Business Administration (MBA)  Rolling Fall, Spring, Summer
Master of Science in Accounting Rolling Fall, Spring, Summer
Master of Science in Business Analytics Rolling Fall, Spring
Master of Science in
Organizational Leadership
Rolling Fall, Spring, Summer
Master of Science in
Sport Leadership & Coaching
Rolling Fall, Spring, Summer
Master's Programs in Engineering Rolling Fall, Spring, Summer
PhD in Engineering Management
PhD in Industrial Engineering
PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Rolling Fall, Spring, Summer

*Applications received after a specified deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis and processed on a "rolling" basis.

Typical Academic Calendar

Graduate courses are primarily offered during the 15-week academic calendar*. During the year, three semesters are offered for graduate studies - Fall (August), Spring (January), and Summer (May). Students are welcome to begin their studies at the start of any term for most programs. For a detailed overview of the Academic Calendar, click here.

* The MS in Applied Behavior Analysis and the PhD in Behavior Analysis are offered via the 11-week Term Graduate Academic Calendar.

How to Apply and Application Requirements - Graduate Programs

The academic requirements and required application materials will vary based on the College and the major to which you are applying. Visit Admission Requirements for a list of required application materials for our graduate programs.

Admissions Requirements