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Equivalency Database

Further your Education

Are you transitioning from a two-year to a four-year institution? Explore course equivalencies to maximize your transfer credits! Understanding how your current courses align with those at Western New England can streamline your process. This proactive approach provides a clearer roadmap for a successful transfer and informed decision-making about your educational path. Please start below by selecting the institution from which you're transferring and we'll show you the matching equivalent courses here at WNE.

The transfer database is a dynamic resource that allows students to view how a course at another institution has transferred into WNE. The database is continually being updated, and WNE reserves the right to re-evaluate a course equivalency at any time. The information in the transfer database is not a substitute for an official credit evaluation. If a course is not listed in our database this does not mean it is not accepted for transfer credit. It means the course has not yet been evaluated for transfer credit. If you have any questions about transfer credits, please email

Current WNE Students

Current students must obtain approval from their academic dean’s office prior to taking a class for transfer toward their degree from another institution. The transfer database does not guarantee credit transfer unless prior approval is received.