Students in science lab

Arts and Sciences Facilities

Facilities To Support Your Learning

It's no wonder that a recent survey of incoming students cited our "Quality of Academic Facilities" as the top reason they chose Western New England University. 

In recent years the University has invested more than $60 million in enhancing academic facilities to give our students the best of both worlds--a quaint New England campus housing high-tech multimedia labs and classrooms. 

The Center for the Sciences and Pharmacy takes classroom learning and research to a new level for students in Pre-pharmacy, the Sciences, and Psychology. The $40 million high-tech addition includes 19 laboratories—from behavioral analysis to neuroscience—to prepare you for the important role that science plays in healthcare, technology, and the global economy.

Herman Hall, which underwent a recent $8.3 million renovation, is where you will find the Dean's Office, Math and Writing Centers, Art Studio, and numerous multimedia classrooms. 

Just a short walk away is D'Amour Library where Communication students can be found hard at work in our television studio.