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Arts & Sciences International Programs

Utilizing A Global Perspective

As the 24/7 cycle of digital information has shown us, we live in an increasingly connected society and whether you are studying sociology, political science, literature, or criminal justice, to be successful in life and in your future career, you must become an informed critical thinker who recognizes your responsibilities as a global citizen in your corner of the world. 

The Western New England University College of Arts and Sciences has long held this view and seeks to provide all students at the University with a solid foundation in liberal studies that enables them to be effective communicators, critical thinkers, and solution-seekers whatever their discipline of study may be. 

In our undergraduate curriculum, international topics are integrated into the curriculum whether it is in science courses discussing world health epidemics or in Criminal Justice courses focused on international threats to Homeland security. 

Beyond this, we offer unique discipline-specific short-term travel courses offered in the summer that enable our students to study these issues in the context of international destinations. Students have traveled to Iceland to study Globalization and Conflict Resolution, Ireland to study Adolescence Issues, and Southern Africa to learn about the Global AIDS Pandemic. 

Students may also enhance their global perspective on their studies through participation in our Global Scholars Program.