Students in science lab

Mission Statement

Communicating Our Purpose

The College of Arts and Sciences at Western New England University prepares students for a journey of lifelong learning. Passionate about teaching, research, and scholarship, faculty guide students to follow their intellectual curiosities and to build essential skills for adapting within a changing world. Our mission is to empower the next generation for success through applied and experiential learning, fostering individuality and self-directed growth to better the world. 
We educate the whole person by: 

  • building foundational skills in information literacy, data analysis, meta-level thinking, creativity, critical analysis, and ethical decision-making 
  • fostering a welcoming community that is strengthened by diversity, with a focus on equity and inclusion
  • cultivating social consciousness and development of the self to effectively participate as a global citizen
  • creating opportunities for collaboration among and between students and faculty across the curriculum and the campus
  • supporting each community member’s academic journey by offering the resources needed to discover, apply, create, and share knowledge in the classroom and beyond.