Students in science lab

Our Vision

Critical Thinkers and Problem-Solvers

Graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences will be recognized for the ability to:

  • Communicate clearly and logically both orally and in writing
  • Read for information and inferential meaning
  • Think critically in a variety of settings and situations and critically examine pre-existing ideas and belief systems
  • Solve a variety of complex problems employing mathematical and scientific methods, in addition to more qualitative methods of inquiry
  • Employ new technologies effectively and responsibly
  • Appreciate the richness and diversity of human cultures and the interdependence of the economies and peoples of the world
  • Comprehend and evaluate information from a wide range of subjects that enables citizens to make well-informed decisions
  • Make warranted ethical judgments based on a comprehensive understanding of the context and consequences
  • Practice self-expression and reflection in a variety of media and formats
  • Explore the history and practice of the Arts, including music, theatre, and the visual arts