Student with math advisor


From calculations to solutions

Five different degree programs are housed in the Department of Mathematics:

Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences that provides broad training in important areas of pure and applied mathematics. It includes an option for those interested in teaching secondary school mathematics.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Sciences that provides a mathematically-oriented degree for future elementary school teachers.

Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science that prepares students for careers in actuarial work and is patterned after the educational recommendations of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS).

A Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Statistics that equips students with the expertise to harness, analyze, and interpret data, transforming them into an invaluable asset in virtually any field.

Master of Arts in Mathematics for Teachers that provides a content-based master’s program for teachers pursuing professional licensure.

Full-time department faculty members teach virtually all mathematics courses in these programs, and all programs exhibit a high degree of student-professor interaction. Our classrooms hold no more than 30 students, and a typical upper-level class contains 8-12 students.