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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Policy Statement

The University maintains an Employee Assistance Program to provide help and counseling for on- or off- the-job emotional, family, substance abuse, legal, and financial problems, etc., for employees and their families.

Reason for Policy

The University supports the well-being of its employees and their families. This policy provides information on accessing services through the EAP. 

Who Is Governed by this Policy

Faculty and Staff


The University pays the full cost of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and it is available as soon as you are hired. The services are provided free of charge and are completely confidential. No one at the University receives any report as to who has accessed the program services. The EAP is voluntary. No one will know that you have used the program unless you choose to tell them and nothing will be included in your medical record or personnel file.

The EAP services include resources and/or support services for:

  • Parenting and Family Issues
  • Elder and Child Care Resource Locators
  • Adoption and Special Needs
  • Health and Wellness Resources
  • 700+ Health Videos
  • Cancer, Diabetes and Other Illnesses
  • Health Assessments
  • Personal Finance and Education
  • Financial Assessments and Tutorials
  • Debt and Debt Restructuring
  • 150+ Financial Calculators
  • Wills, Forms, and Legal Templates
  • Home Ownership and Mortgages
  • Taxes and the IRS
  • Legal Information
  • Consumer Rights and Resources
  • Pet Resources
  • Lifestyle Benefits and Discounts
  • 100+ Personal Improvement Webinars
  • Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience
  • Articles and Videos on Personal Problems
  • Stress, Grief, Depression, and Trauma
  • Mental and Behavioral Health Issues
  • Domestic and Workplace Violence Resource Center
  • Alcohol, Drugs, and Substance Abuse

The Employee Assistance Program may be reached at 413-785-4200 or 1-800-225-2527 or online

Additional information is available from the Office of Human Resources or from your Department Chair, Dean, or Supervisor.

Document History

Policy Origination Date: January 24, 2023

Who Approved This Policy

Associate Vice President of Human Resources


Associate Director of Human Resources
Rivers Memorial