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Grievance Procedure for Staff (non-Title IX matters)

Policy Statement

The University recognizes that there are times when the need arises for Staff members to express concerns or complaints in a formal manner. The following procedures will ensure that Staff members receive a fair review of workplace concerns.

Reason for Policy

When people work together, there will inevitably be situations where misunderstandings, problems, or concerns need to be resolved. It is the policy of the University to have a culture of good communications, openness, and willingness to cooperate and listen. It is encouraged that most of these issues can be resolved if addressed informally. However, where such issues are unresolved, they may become grievances. Consequently, Staff members are encouraged to seek resolution of a problem by utilizing the grievance process.

Who Is Governed by this Policy

All Staff


This policy outlines the procedure for Staff members to file grievances related to dissatisfaction that arises in a day-to-day relationship between Staff members or between a Staff member and their Department Head, Supervisor, or Dean (“supervisor”).


Grievance: A complaint or allegation by an employee or group of employees alleging unfair treatment or violation of policies/procedures.


Outlined below are the steps of Western New England University’s grievance procedures for non-Title IX matters. Nothing in this policy provides any contractual rights regarding employee discipline or counseling, nor should anything in this policy be read or construed as modifying or altering the employment-at-will relationship between WNE and its employees.

Step 1: Informal discussion with supervisor*–Employee concerns should first be discussed with the employee's immediate supervisor. Many concerns can be resolved informally when an employee and supervisor take time to review the concern and discuss options to address the issue.

*unless the supervisor is the issue or concern

Step 2: Written complaint to supervisor–If the employee is not satisfied with the results of the informal discussion in Step 1, the employee may submit a written complaint within ten working days to their immediate supervisor using the form below. The immediate supervisor will have ten working days to respond to the employee in writing.

If the employee complaint is regarding illegal harassment, discrimination, or retaliation, the employee should submit the written complaint directly to Human Resources.

Step 3: Written complaint to senior management–If the employee is not satisfied with the response from the immediate supervisor, the employee may provide a copy of the form below to the Vice President of the Department for review. A copy should also be sent to Human Resources. The request for review should include:

  • Senior management will consult with the employee's immediate supervisor, Human Resources, and any other relevant parties to evaluate the grievance and provide a written response to the employee within five days. The outcome of the review by senior management will be final unless new evidence or other circumstances warrant additional review of the complaint.
  • Human resources will maintain records of the grievance process confidentially and securely.
  • If a formal investigation is warranted, a ten working day turn-around may not be possible.


Grievance Procedure for Staff (non-Title IX matters)

Document History

Policy Origination Date: January 16, 2023

Who Approved This Policy

Associate Vice President of Human Resources 


Associate Director of Human Resources
Rivers Memorial