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Teaching Assignments for Members of the Exempt Staff

Policy Statement

This policy establishes the University’s position regarding staff employees teaching outside of their primary job duties. 

Reason for Policy

Staff employed by WNE are a valuable resource who provide expertise and support through their primary job functions. It is the policy of WNE to provide an environment where staff can focus their time, effort, and energy on their primary job functions resulting in effective job performance.

This policy outlines the University’s position and procedures regarding staff employees teaching. In some circumstances, qualified staff can be employed to teach academic courses, in addition to their normal position and responsibilities. In such cases, it is important to coordinate the responsibilities of the employee’s normal duties with the additional teaching responsibilities.

Who Is Governed by this Policy

Exempt Staff


At some time, a member of the Exempt Staff may be asked to accept a temporary and/or Adjunct teaching assignment. Such appointments shall be for no more than one course per semester. Primary consideration must be given to the Exempt Staff member's regular responsibilities and the needs of the University. Permission to teach a course which meets during regular office hours does not relieve an individual from any of their regular duties which must still be accomplished irrespective of regular office hours. If permission to teach is granted, the course will be considered as an overload and shall be recompensed accordingly based on the University's policies for the compensation of Adjunct Faculty.


Permission to accept a teaching assignment must be obtained in advance from the appropriate member of the Senior Staff and the Dean of the College using the Staff Teaching Request & Authorization Form (STRA).

A copy of the completed STRA, along with the signed letter of agreement, must be provided to the College’s Office Manager prior to the start of teaching so the information can be entered in Colleague to ensure the Staff member’s accurate pay with payroll.  The original STRA should be provided to Human Resources to be stored in the employee’s personnel file.

Members of the Exempt Staff who accept teaching assignments shall be issued a letter of agreement setting forth the course, level of compensation, and length and time of the assignment.


Staff Teaching Request & Authorization (STRA) Form

Document History

Policy Origination Date: August 1, 2023

Who Approved This Policy

Associate Vice President of Human Resources


Associate Director of Human Resources
Rivers Memorial