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About Us

Bridging Geographical Gaps

International Programs and Education (IPE) advises more than 200 international students, scholars, and their dependents from over 30 countries on matters relating to immigration, academic, social, financial, and personal concerns relevant to daily life in the United States. IPE also develops programs specifically to serve the needs of international students and scholars. See our Events page for more info.

IPE collaborates with other campus offices and student organizations to develop and implement educational and co-curricular programs designed to heighten cultural awareness, appreciation of cultural diversity, and intercultural understanding for all students.

University DSO's

Michelle Kowalsky

Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management
Phone: 413-782-1397
Office location: Room 122, Kevin Delbridge Welcome Center

H. Kolu Sharpe

Director of Cultural Education and Inclusion
Phone: 413-796-2369
Office location: Room 233, St. Germain Campus Center

Brian McGuinness

Director of International Program and Education
Phone: 413-782-1594
Office location: Room 231, St. Germain Campus Center

Contact Information

International Programs and Education Office
St. Germain Campus Center
Second Floor