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Alumni Advisory Committee

Western New England Law Review Advisory Committee 
In 2008, an inaugural Advisory Committee was commissioned to assist the Law Review in its long-term strategic planning. The Advisory Committee aims to advise the Law Review on improving its internal processes and institutional memory, connecting current members to alumni, promoting the Law Review in the School of Law and university community through events and other media, and generating funds for the Law Review’s operations and furtherance of its objectives.

Current Advisory Committee Members:
Bernardo Cuadra ’10
Kathryn S. Crouss ‘12
Justin H. Dion ’00
Wheatly R. Gulmi-Landy ’07
Tammy W. Hui ’08

Ex-officio Members:
Kristen E. Brierley ’13
Lindsay D. George ’13

Advisory Committee Meetings:
All Law Review alumni are invited to attend the Advisory Committee’s meetings and are encouraged to take an active role on the Committee. Meetings are held at the law school in room 329 of the law library. To gain access to the law school building on weekends and after 7:00 p.m. weekdays, alumni must fill out a Library Access Form and bring it to the Circulation Desk in order to obtain an access card from Public Safety. The authorization process takes about one week, after which you will be contacted to pick up the form to take to Public Safety.

If you would like more information about the Advisory Committee or would like to attend the Committee’s next meeting, please e-mail wnelawreview@gmail.com.

Donating to the Law Review:
The Western New England Law Review Association, Inc. is a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation that is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Review Code. Donations made to the Law Review will be used for the general support of the Law Review, including activities such as general operating expenses, assisting with the cost of sending Executive Board members to the annual National Conference of Law Reviews event, annual awards to Law Review staff, and hosting events to reach out to the greater law school and university communities and alumni.  

If you wish to donate to the Law Review, please send your checks to:

Western New England Law Review Endowment Trust
c/o Wheatly Gulmi-Landy, Trustee
25 North Main Street, Suite 202
Northampton, MA 01060