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Professional contributions published in the Western New England Law Review encompass a wide range of expertise, including judges, legal scholars, practitioners, and distinguished figures from various fields of law. Our publication seeks Articles that demonstrate a scholarly style, characterized by insightful analysis, well-informed opinions, and content that resonates within the legal community. 

Every manuscript received by the Law Review undergoes a meticulous evaluation process. Upon receiving an article, the Senior Articles Editor diligently reviews its content and assesses its potential for publication. Preliminary research on the author and the relevant area of law is conducted to aid in the decision-making process. Ultimately, in collaboration with the Editor-in-Chief, the Senior Articles Editor determines whether to extend an offer to the author. Should the author accept, our Staff Members meticulously review the article for substantive and technical accuracy, while also providing grammatical and stylistic suggestions. While we respect the stylistic preferences of Articles authors, we prioritize the preservation of analytical precision in these articles and ensure that accuracy is never compromised.

You may submit articles to the Western New England Law Review via e-mail or Scholastica (preferred). Please choose only one delivery method. Please submit manuscripts as Word files with double-spaced text and single-spaced footnotes, using a legible font and font size. Footnotes and citations should conform to the standards set forth in The Bluebook (21st ed. 2020). All submissions should include a CV and a cover letter in addition to the manuscript.

The Western New England Law Review does not accept article submissions from current law students from any institution, unless the article is co-authored with a faculty member of an ABA accredited law school.

Submissions via Scholastica: https://wnelawreview.scholasticahq.com/

Submissions via E-mail: submissions.wnelawreview@gmail.com


The Western New England Law Review welcomes and actively encourages submissions that are succinct, current, and easily comprehensible to readers beyond the realm of legal academia. The Law Review is currently seeking submissions from current law students, practitioners, and esteemed legal scholars, with a focus on expediting the publication process compared to print Articles. Blog posts should be between 750 and 1000 words. Footnotes and citations should conform to the standards set forth in The Bluebook (21st ed. 2020).

All submissions should include a cover letter in addition to the manuscript. Submissions should be made by e-mail and sent to our Editor-In-Chief at editorinchief.wne@gmail.com.