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Three Western New England University Pharmacy Students Awarded Walmart Scholarships

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Students are awarded scholarships

Students who were awarded scholarships

Diptiman Bose, Matthew Murphy, Rebecca Marcinak, Erika Vuernick, Shannon Kinney, and Daniel Kennedy

The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) and Walmart Scholars Program have awarded scholarships to three students from Western New England University College of Pharmacy. The awards will allow them to attend the AACP Annual Meeting and Teachers Seminar in Anaheim, California from July 23-27.

The students, Rebecca Marcinak, Matthew Murphy, and Erika Vuernick are recipients of the 2016 Walmart Scholars Program, and will each be traveling to California with faculty mentors and Assistant Professors of Pharmacology at Western New England University Shannon Kinney, Diptiman Bose, and Daniel Kennedy. The scholarship will cover the cost to register for the meeting and seminars, and the remainder can be put towards other travel expenses. “I applied for the Walmart Scholarship program because it is very prestigious award for students who aspire to be future academic pharmacists. By obtaining this scholarship, I am able to take advantage of the opportunity to attend the AACP conference in Anaheim, and grow as a student and hopefully professor someday,” stated Vuernick.

To apply for the scholarship applications included an essay by the student on academic pharmacy, along with letters from both another student and faculty member, demonstrating a strong interest in enhancing their preparation for a career in academic pharmacy.

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The Scholars Program is funded by Walmart and provides $1,000 scholarships to 85 student-faculty pairs nation wide, who’s institution is an AACP member. The goal of this scholarship program is to strengthen the recipient’s skills and commitment to a career in academic pharmacy through participation in programming and activities at the AACP Annual Meeting and Seminars. Rebecca Marcinak said, “having aspirations to join the academic pharmacy discipline, I look forward to the opportunity to participate at the AACP Annual Meeting and Seminars. I am eager to collaborate with peers that share a similar commitment to the field and strengthen my pedagogical skills.”