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Dance Team Soars to Spectacular Heights While Raising Money for Smilow Cancer Center

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Dance team performing

Dance team performing

On Sunday, April 4, the 29 women on the Western New England University Dance Team performed in the Alumni Healthful Living Center. Tickets were sold to Western New England University students, faculty, friends, and family with all the proceeds being donated to two young girls being treated at Smilow Cancer Center in New Haven CT.

“I have watched this team grow and develop for the past 4 years and could not be more proud of our accomplishments,” explained team president, senior Jessica Barnet. “The team loves to dance, this year alone we’ve performed at many football games, homecoming festivities, Midnight Madness, basketball games, Women & Sports Day, and two major Showcases.” 

Dance team performingThe Dance Team provides members with the opportunity to learn a variety of difference dance styles and techniques, and learn to collaborate as a team. “Being a dancer for 16 years before college, I wasn't really sure what to expect from this team,” remarked freshman Blake Work. “It definitely made my freshman year great! The recital was amazing because we got to see many different choreography styles as well as seeing the team interact in new ways. I cant wait to see the team continue to grow and I am so happy to be a part of it!

"The team has been practicing for their recital the entire spring semester,"  explained freshman dancer, Gigi Nietschmann, who danced in 11 of the 21 songs the team performed. Nietschmann added, “preparing for the recital was a long process, often going past the Alumni Healthful Living Center's closing time. We all worked extremely hard and I'm really grateful for the opportunity, not just to dance, but to make so many new friends.” 

Dance Team performing at recital

Junior Emily Gahr, who will be the team’s president next year remarked, “I believe that most of the strong comradery this year, came from our amazing senior class. The 12 girls that are graduating this year made up half of our team, and they were the most welcoming, genuine, and talented group of girls I have ever met.” 

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