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Live Nation Entertainment General Manager Jeff Mann Enlightens Students

Published: April 13, 2017 | Categories: Business, All News
Jeff Mann

Jeff Mann

Western New England University’s Sports Management Association recently hosted Mr. Jeff Mann, the General Manager for Live Nation Entertainment, to speak as part of the “Living the Dream” series. 

Live Nation Entertainment is an American entertainment company, formed from the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster. It owns, leases, operates, and has booking rights for and/or equity interest in a large number of U.S. entertainment venues. Mann discussed the many positions he has held in the entertainment industry. He began by discussing his experiences in the sports industry and how his career has developed in the recent years. 

“For a while no one was looking at the analytics, then they began focusing on the numbers and realized it was much more efficient to use data to find what they are seeking. Other people in similar but different industries realized, hey! This worked for them why can’t it work for me? And once that happened the efficiency in many aspects of the industry began to change,” Mann stated.

Jeff Mann teaching

Mann continued to express the importance of analytical information by providing personal experiences where he used them through his career. Mann also offered insight to students on his most recent career experiences in venue management. He explained that “everything is changing all the time, you have to be ready for those changes or else you fall behind.” Mann offered examples of the changing aspects of media by providing times he has spent millions of dollars just to be replaced by the next best thing months later.