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15TH Annual Media Festival Delights Record Audience

Published: May 10, 2017 | Categories: Arts and Sciences, All News

Western New England University held its 15th annual Student Media Festival Friday May 5, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the Lyman and Leslie Wood Auditorium. The Media Festival showcases a variety of works produced by currently enrolled undergraduate students at the University.

Students create and submit music videos, television news reports, Westerner newspaper articles, WNEK radio programing, television commercials and public service announcements, and digital photography.

A panel of judges comprised mostly of local media professionals, selected the winning student entries, while the audience voted for the People’s Choice awards. This year’s winners are listed below. Congratulations to all participants. View more Media Festival photos here.

The Media Festival was sponsored by Cloud 9 Marketing Group and the University’s Department of Communication.  

The Westerner Newspaper Article:
First Place: Marissa Pappas “Students Around the World Opine on President Trump” ...dateline London
Second Place: Kenneth Stratton “From Businessman to President: Trump Emerges Victorious”
Third Place: Jonah Snowden “Meet Dean Josie Brown-Rose”

First Place: Courtney Miller
Second Place: Dan Letendre
Tied for Third Place: Payton North and Francesco Siniscalchi 

WNEK Program
First Place: Stephanie Trombley: The Salem Zombie Freak Show 

Short Film 
First Place: John Abbott: 1 in 6 
Second Place: Stephanie Trombley: Someday 
Third Place: Dominique Corveddu: Birth of a Conversation 

TV Report
First Place: John Abbott: Student Media
Second Place: Grant Felenstein: Rave Guardian
Third Place:Dominque Corveddu: GWSD and Maddy Mancarella: Dining Commons
People’s Choice Award: John Abbott: Student Media

 Music Video: 
First Place: John Abbott: One Day More
Second Place: Curtis Robillard: Weak 
Third Place: GBTV: Stick to the Status Quo
People’s Choice Award: Curtis Robillard: Weak

PSA/TV Commercial
First Place: Dominique Corveddu: Fight Ableism
Second Place: Maddy Mancarella: Verbal Abuse
Third Place: Stephanie Trombley: Domestic Abuse
People’s Choice Award: Stephanie Trombley: Domestic Abuse