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School of Law and BARBRI join forces to provide academic success support to law students

Published: February 04, 2019 | Categories: All News, Law
School of Law entrance.

Bar review leader, BARBRI, and Western New England University School of Law are joining forces to bolster academic success and foster stronger bar exam pass rates among the school's law students.

Students at the School of Law will now have access to BARBRI's award-winning legal education content through books, lectures, and online tools starting with their first year of law school and carrying through each year of study. Faculty and administration will be able to leverage BARBRI's analytics to track student progress throughout their law school career and focus remediation and mentoring efforts as needed. BARBRI's suite of services complements the School of Law's curriculum and is designed to help the school meet its goals for academic success and eventual bar passage.

"The faculty academic success committee spent many months assessing proposals offered by several commercial bar preparation companies and other external providers, and ultimately we decided to work with BARBRI," said Sudha Setty, dean of the School of Law. "The company has demonstrated a commitment to supporting our students and our academic success goals and has a sound understanding of the discrete academic needs of students as they go through each year of law school."

"Success for law students in passing the bar and pursuing a legal career doesn't start when they take the bar exam," said BARBRI President Mike Sims. "It starts with their very first law class. Our partnership with Western New England University's School of Law is founded on this knowledge. We've worked closely with the school's faculty and administration and feel confident we will meet the needs of law students and position them for success in school and in taking the bar."

BARBRI's Bar Review is the leading bar prep solution on the market today, and has helped more than 1.3 million professionals pass a U.S. bar exam. In fact, more law students have passed the bar exam using BARBRI than all other courses combined, and the company has the longest history of pass rate success, going back 80-plus bar exams. The company complements its bar review expertise with a portfolio of legal education solutions for every stage of legal education. The partnership with BARBRI strengthens the learning opportunities for all students at Western New England by enhancing and reinforcing academic support measures.