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Growth of Program Primes Business Analytics and Information Management Major for Big Future

Published: February 05, 2019 | Categories: Business, All News
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Big Data is a big business in today's marketplace, from predicting consumer trends and stock market trajectory, to integrating with Artificial Intelligence to identify statistics and streamline company flows. The demand for experts in Big Data and data mining has made the Business Analytics and Information Management major the fastest growing major in the College of Business. Few universities offer a comparable major, making Western New England graduates important players in the industry and giving them an edge on innovation.

Most recently, the major has introduced two new courses to keep up with the latest technology and development: Data Science with Python and Data Analysis with R. These courses focus on some of the most widely employed open source data analysis software, Python and R, and help students become fluent in these industry-grade tools.

"Business analytics is the most marketable skill set one can have in business," says Professor and Chair of the Department of Business Information Systems Tuncay Bayrak. "The Business Analytics and Information Management major will prepare students to acquire that skill set to meet the biggest demands of 21st century business."